Benefits of a Manufactured Home Community

Manufactured homes have become the latest and one of the best solutions to affordable housing. Residents who are looking to own their own space rather than rent an apartment in a large building are drawn to the affordability and attainability of these pre-fabricated homes. Within a manufactured home community, there are several more benefits residents can take advantage of, aside from just the savings. 


Below are the top five benefits of living in a manufactured home community. Take a look to see if moving to one of these affordable locations is the right choice for you.


#1: On-Site Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of a manufactured home community is the access residents have to on-site maintenance staff. Many communities have their own staff of groundskeepers and maintenance technicians who can help with the upkeep both in and around your home. 


It’s like having the maintenance staff of an apartment complex to help you with whatever request you need.

#2: Outdoor Space & Community Amenities

This benefit is similar to #1 in that manufactured home communities can offer the same advantages of an apartment complex, but with more space and freedom. Most manufactured home communities offer outdoor spaces like private yards and green spaces, as well as community amenities like swimming pools and recreational facilities. These amenities are available for residents at any time and add to the value of owning a home in one of these communities.

#3: Lower Property Tax Costs

Along with lower closing costs, manufactured home communities have low if no property taxes for residents to worry about. Sometimes, communities will charge a monthly fee, more along the lines of a Home Owner’s Association fee, every month to cover costs for the amenities and maintenance staff that are included. 


Otherwise, property taxes tend to lower within these communities because of the lower closing costs manufactured homes are offered at.

#4: New Homes

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a large amount of money on something you know is not going to last, which can sometimes be the case when house hunting. Usually, houses offered at a lower cost are older and require a decent amount of fix-up work.


Luckily, customized, brand-new manufactured homes are offered at a lower price because they are assembled off-site and put together on the lot. So, owning a brand-new home with minimal or no concern for fix-up work or renovations is more attainable than you might think.

#5: Quality Living

The term “affordable housing” can deter people for several reasons. Some may think they won’t qualify, but others may think that they are sacrificing quality living for an affordable price. This is not the case in most manufactured home communities. In these spaces, manufactured homes are brand-new, on-trend, and, in some cases, fully customizable. Not to mention the immaculate state of the neighborhoods thanks to the on-site maintenance staff.