The Benefits of Manufactured Housing

With the cost of housing continuing to rise, finding quality affordable housing can be challenging. You may not have thought about a manufactured home as an option. We outline some of the benefits of a manufactured home over an apartment.



For the cost of the average apartment rent, you can often own your own manufactured home.


Building Equity

Make monthly payments toward something you will own, reducing the cost of housing once your home is paid off.



No more sharing walls with your neighbors. You will even have a yard of your own.



Make the home your own; you can paint walls and decorate the inside to suit YOUR taste.


Personal Parking

No need to fight your neighbors for parking, with dedicated parking space in front of your home.


More Rooms for Less Money

Three + bedrooms are easier to find and usually more affordable than three-bedroom apartments.

Understand Our Commitment To You


Create Paths To Homeownership


Create Clean and Attractive Communities


Provide Prompt and Excellent Service

Making A Home With Cairn

We have a variety of options for you to make your home with Cairn. You can move your own home into our community, rent a home from us, do a lease-to-own, or purchase a new or used home. Explore our communities and find one that is right for you. Call and make an appointment and find out how you can come home to a Cairn Community today.

Move Your Own Home
Pay Cash
Finance Your Home

Move Your Own Home

You can move your own home into one of our communities. This means you don’t have to purchase land to put your home on, set up water, sewer, or electric. You can enjoy all the benefits of being part of a community. We offer things like dog parks, playgrounds, community center, on-site maintenance, and programs like our Home Improvement Partnership Program.

Pay Cash

Cairn is a manufactured home retailer who passes these savings on to you. The average savings on our homes vs. buying from the manufacturer is xx%. We purchase homes from some of the top manufacturers in the industry such as Clayton, Champion, and Adventure, to name a few.

Finance Your Home

We have a portfolio of finance companies that we work with to assist you in getting financing for your home and they include First Bank, 21st Mortgage, and Credit Human. You can also find financing through your bank or other companies. No matter which option you choose, we will assist you along the way.


We have a lease-to-own program in some of our communities. This allows you to make monthly payments toward the home for an agreed upon term and at the end of that period you can have the title and own your home.


You can also be a renter in a few of our communities. We want you to know that no matter where life takes you, you can always come home to Cairn.

Homeownership Starts Here

Living in a manufactured home provides many benefits over apartment living. Take your time to find a home and community that is the perfect fit for your needs.

Rental Vs. Lease-To-Own Vs. Finance

  • Flexibility and shorter commitment
  • Maintenance is included
  • Sometimes required to carry renters insurance
  • Less decorating flexibility (e.g. you cannot paint your walls or change the exterior)
  • No credit building
  • Longer-term commitment
  • Option for homeownership
  • Home payment is fixed
  • Tax and insurance payments are included
  • Decorating freedom in and outside of the home*
  • Responsible for Maintenance
  • No credit building
  • Own your home day 1
  • You are the title holder
  • Build equity in your home
  • If you finance your home, all home payments are fixed
  • You can sell your home at any time and all potential home equity is yours
  • Decorating freedom in and outside of the home*
  • Build credit
  • * All homes must still comply with the community rules and regulations