What Is a Manufactured Housing Community & Why Should You Live In One?

When you’re ready to buy a manufactured home of your own, you still have to decide where that home will go. During this search, you’ll find two primary options: buying your own land or leasing land in a manufactured housing community. Both can be great options depending on your needs and lifestyle. But first, you have to understand each one. So, we’ll start with answering, “What is a manufactured housing community?”

Then, if you like the pros and cons here, you can dig deeper into choosing the right community for your family.

What Is a Manufactured Housing Community?

A manufactured housing community (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a mobile home community) is a move-in ready neighborhood of manufactured homes. They typically have foundations and utility hook-ups ready for you, and, unlike starting from scratch on your own land, they often come with a lot of built-in benefits, like on-site maintenance, community amenities, and a welcoming, neighborhood atmosphere.

Another important note: moving into a manufactured housing neighborhood usually means you’ll lease the land your home is on instead of owning it. What does it cost? The price will differ depending on which community you choose. The most important thing to do is determine what kind of atmosphere and amenities you want (from basic communities to luxurious neighborhoods) then compare multiple options, their fees, and the leasing costs. Remember to consider that some recurring fees and rent payments cover utilities and/or costs associated with that community’s benefits and amenities.

These are different to costs associated with owning land. When you buy property for your home, you’ll have to run your own utility hook-ups, which can increase your upfront cost, and pay property taxes, which can change regularly. So, living in a manufactured home at a manufactured housing community can lead to more affordable home ownership. It all depends on what your home goals and dream lifestyle are.

And while you’re comparing different communities in your area, you may come across very different kinds. So let’s look into a few of the most popular options.

Lease-to-Own Communities

Some land-lease communities offer flexible financing options when you choose to buy a new or used home in their community. Like our team’s lease-to-own program, these types of agreements give you an accessible path to homeownership with a fixed home payment. And in the meantime, you get to enjoy all the benefits of living in your new house and neighborhood.

Luxury Communities

Luxury communities take manufactured home living up several notches. While they have higher rent costs and fees, residents get unmatched locations, access to luxury-built and styled homes, and amenities that won’t be found in the everyday manufactured housing community.

Budget Communities

These communities give you the basics you need in a manufactured housing neighborhood with little or no added amenities. This keeps rent and recurring fees low for even more affordable home ownership.

Age-Restricted Communities

Often reserved for residents aged 55 years and older, these manufactured housing neighborhoods offer an active, social atmosphere, whether you’re there for a season or living in a manufactured home year-round.

These 55+ communities can offer distinct amenities and social calendars tailored to retirees.

Specialty Communities

Becoming more and more popular, specialty communities can offer unique, welcoming, and secure neighborhoods for their residents with amenities and events tailored to them. For example, you may come across manufactured housing communities built around lakes with bonuses like boat rentals, LGBTQ neighborhoods that offer a distinct sense of inclusion and belonging, or golf-focused communities with their very own pro shops.

If something like this is on your list of must-haves, look into specialty manufactured housing neighborhoods in your area.

Ready for More Details on Manufactured Housing Communities?

Our expert team has put together a whole blog of resources to help you on your home buying journey. If communities sound good after our rundown, learn more about resident services and support they can offer and their benefits over an apartment rental, or start at the beginning with how to get started buying your own home.